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it's nice having you around, you are now viewing the shrine/fanlisting dedicated to Gouhou Drug (Lawful/Legal Drug) by CLAMP.
This site is full of unmarked spoliers so be aware that you can stumble upon them without knowing it.
This is a shrine dedicated to the series that is also quite shounen ai, and beaware, I'm in no way affiliated with CLAMP nor I'm a mind reader. Here you'll find my love for the series. If you disagree with me, then please don't send me flames or similar, remember this is a fan tribute so it's my own personal point of view. But on the other hand you are welcome to contribute in the media section.

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Gouhou Drug becomes Drug&Drop

November 4, 2011

Hello, first of all today the first chapter after 8 years is out. I just wanted to say that I think I like it and the art too. But this news is not because of what I like or not. The major news here is the fact that it changed the name:

gouhou drug so becomes Drug&Drop

The fanlisting is still dedicated to old Gouhou Drug and now to the "new" even if it's simply continue from the old... I think around a year passed in the series.

I'll try to have ASAP the new layout up, and some information in the shrine (yes, I'm finally starting to work on it)

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